Pomona College, Biotech Future Poster

posterpcwebAcademic conferences can sound dry—and have too many syllables in their titles! But a great image can sum up the concept in once glance and capture attention.

I had to ponder a bit when I first heard the title “Autonomy, Productivity and Our Biotechnological Future.” After I read up on the speaker and the topic, I came up with an idea: wrapping Leonardo da Vinci’s famous anatomy drawing with symbols. I warped DNA around him, handed him a computer chip to hold, and added a lovely green leaf to contrast high tech with nature.

Our prototype human is looking a bit strangled, alienated and confused, I think. Just as he should. I cut the image out in a circle shape to give it more punch. A head shot of the speaker is included because marketing research shows a face engages viewers.  Type for the day, date and venue is large enough so people see it right away. This event was part of a series, so the series logo is also included.