VintageFit is a fitness motivation blog site I started.

VintageFit subverts sexism by putting an ironic twist on vintage ads and photos. One of my clients is a women’s gym. The idea for using vintage images for fitness motivation stemmed from a design challenge: how to appeal to women of all ages and shapes. If you use stock images of young, beautiful, thin women, then real-life women may not relate and may be intimidated and not want to try the gym. If you use more realistic images, however, you may not motivate women to join.  Vintage images hit the sweet spot because women in earlier era were not so stick thin, yet they look fit.  An added bonus is that if you use images before 1923, they are in the public domain, so you do not have to work about copyright and associated fees. One problem with vintage images is that most often, the models in older advertising are not ethnically diverse. So I try to mix it up with some modern images and also acknowledge the issue.

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