Vintage Stamp Earrings


I get excited in November because it is time for the annual Pilgrims Place Festival in Claremont. Pilgrim’s Place is a retirement community for people who have served religious organizations, many of them as missionaries.  Once a year they have a huge flea market where you can buy books, art, household items and tons of other treasures. As a graphic designer, I love their stamp booth.  Many residents lived abroad and collected stamps from all over the world. I spend hours admiring what I perceive as teeny tiny graphic posters. Some stamps are so beautiful I thought they should be jewelry.  I made these for a friend’s birthday.  The backing is made from polymer clay.  I used Mod Podge mixed with sparkling paint to affix them and added glass beads.  The clay is so lightweight they are easy to wear.  I got a ton of stamps left to work with.  Just gotta find the time!