Vintage Apron


Why is it that women drool over vintage aprons? The thought of actually being a 1950′s housewife toiling away in the kitchen appalls us.  But the fun, frilly aprons are just too cute.

A good friend’s son was getting married, and his beautiful bride-to-be is a great cook.  So I whipped up a retro-style apron to give at her bridal shower.  I can just see her making her yummy crepes in this little number.

I love the fact that it is reversible.  I knew it turned out OK when my husband said it looked like it came out of one of those shops all the women love that he refuses to enter. Also when my teenage daughter squealed upon seeing it.


I made this based on a free vintage apron pattern I found online, which I modified a bit. Kudos and good karma to those who share the love online.