Community Senior Services, Donor Solicitation Flier

rappel2flier 1

Ask me to give $1,000 to “support seniors,” and I won’t go looking for my checkbook. The ask is too general. That was the problem with the first draft of a flier given to me by Community Senior Services. It asked for a gift to help seniors with “a membership in Real Connections Village” and participation in “adult day care enrichment.” The problem is, no one knows what that really means.

I sat down with CSS staff and asked them to describe exactly what Real Connections Village does for seniors and what happens at the adult day care facility.  I learned that real Connections provides amazing services that help seniors stay in their homes—like door-through-door transportation to the doctor or the hair salon; help with figuring out computers or ipads; gardening and honey-dos; even arranging movie night and coffee groups. Together we came up with a bulleted list that gives potential donors an idea of just how Real Connections can help seniors stay in their homes.  We also came up with a bulleted list of activities that goes on in the adult day enrichment center—things like singing; pet visits; field trips; art and crafts; and birthday celebrations.

I love bulleted lists because they are easy to read and process and get right to the point. You can reinforce the bullets with images and additional text, but bullets focus the reader and reinforce your message.

This flier is for a specific fundraising event, so we used one dramatic photo to draw attention to rappelling. The text in the center gives important information in an easy-to-read style.