Holiday Card, KP Design


I wanted the first holiday card I designed for my own business to be something special. So even though I am a graphic designer who usually works on the computer, I decided to hand paint the cards. I knew I wanted an artistic dove superimposed on the earth. I have some really cool shimmery acrylics that I thought would be perfect to give a heavenly feel. But I could never crank out even a dozen handpainted cards without starting in Photoshop. First I researched different doves and then designed one that gave me just the right feel. Then I found an image of the earth and put it behind the dove. Instead of just printing the design, however, I removed much of the details and blurred everything. I wanted to put back the details using my cool paints.  I put on some holiday music and spent a few afternoons making the cards. I put in some details using gel pens and then glued on a border of beads. For the inside I took a photo of an olive branch from our olive tree.  I hoped my clients would like the limited edition cards as much as I did, so I was very happy when one of them took the time to call me and gush saying it was the best holiday card he had ever received.