Cal Poly Pomona, Computer Science Brochure

cscoverwebMaking Computer Science look cool—that was the assignment. The photos I was given were all just faces peering into screens. But when I added colorful images of chips and disks, the design that emerged had edge. A provocative question on the front piques interest as well. Cal Poly students gain hands-on experience, and I was able to obtain photos of them working on the Mars Rover for the back. Behind everything on the inside and back cover I placed a screened back image of 0’s and 1’s.

This was part of a series of student recruitment brochures for the College of Science. I edited the writing as well as completed design. Each features a punchy question on front and concise text with bullets on the inside. Quotes from alumni, professors and students personalize the content. The goal was to use images and text to give prospective students a quick overview of what each department offers and where a degree might lead.  Each brochure shows racial and gender diversity as well.

Scroll to see inside and back of 3-fold brochure.