Cal Poly Pomona, BioTrek Visitors Guide

biotrekcoverThe challenge: create a map that excites K-12 school kids about Cal Poly Pomona’s BioTrek, a program that educates about biological sustainability on a finite Earth. BioTrek consists of three learning centers: Rainforest, Aquatic Biology, and Bird Ethnobotany.

From a wide array of photos, I chose for the cover five detail images and cropped them into circles. In the background is a photo of a rainforest exhibit, blurred and screened. One circled area, however, remains in focus. The design gives you the feeling that you will have much to explore, and that along the way you will focus on different forms of life. One of the circles shows kids learning and the round Biotrek logo is also included.

On the inside pages, we devoted one panel to each of the three learning centers and the fourth panel is the introduction.

On the other side is a description of a mural, donor information, and directions.

The map itself was  placed over the same rainforest image blurred and screened. Along the edges are images depicting highlights of BioTrek with numbers keyed to the map.

Professors involved with BioTrek collaborated with me on this project and loved the way the Visitor’s Guide turned out.