Cal Poly Pomona, Biological Science Campaign Brochure

biocampcovercwebThe  goal: to show the full range of department offerings, without looking cluttered. We covered biology, zoology, botany, biotech, environmental biology, and microbiology . . . and also portrayed diversity of students and staff. Because the campaign theme was “even brighter future,” I anchored the cover with a photo of the College of Science building with the sun shining through.

 Scroll to see the inside and back pages. 

Because I am a writer as well as a designer, I cleaned up the text, editing it down and organizing key points into bullets. Behind everything is a scan of a cell, representing the basic unit of life. Interspersed throughout are images of science and students, the final photo being a joyous bio sciences grad.

The back cover of gradual transitions done in Photoshop shows how Cal Poly offers not just labs, but great outdoor science areas as well.