Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym, Doorhanger


Upbeat, active and fun is the image we wanted to portray on the one-year anniversary promotion of this women’s gym. I chose the stock photo of the fit woman with the water bottle for the front because she looks like she is celebrating. On the back is a woman with a measuring tape, showing that you will lose inches. On the bottom of both sides are scenes showing what is in the gym. The owner originally asked for an anniversary symbol of a 1-year candle on a cupcake . . . but when I tried that, it did not look right on an advertisement for a gym! So I made a flame to put on a “1” and superimposed fireworks on it.  No calories and just as festive. I also added a QR code with a special offer that smart phones can read.

I am the designer for Shirlee’s logo and corporate identity and do all the work (writing and design) on