Shirlee’s, Retro Summer Facebook Campaign


The ages of the women who work out at Shirlee’s gym runs from 14 to older than 80!  The largest age group is those 45 to 55. A design conundrum is how best to market to older women. If you use photos of women too young and beautiful, you run the risk of intimidating prospective members. If you use women who look old and out of shape, however, you may turn them off as well.  My design solution for this ad was to use fun pics of retro women working out on old equipment.  Older women can relate to these photos, but the models are shapely and beautiful. The quirky feel shows the gym is a fun, supportive place. The photos are in black and white, but colorful text gives a modern feel.


This ad was also the landing page of a Facebook promotion that used similar pics. I paired five retro photos with five current pics to highlight different aspects of the gym. When clicked on, these FB ads led to the landing page.


bogo women twoacres retroadSQUAREfb retro6