Shirlee’s Fitness Club for Women, Postcard

shirleespostcard9cThis direct mail postcard promoted the grand opening of a new gym, Shirlee’s Fitness Club for Women in Upland, CA. We wanted to highlight the gym’s strengths: that it offers more classes and is cleaner and classier than other gyms. We used a play on the famous “Got Milk?” campaign. In a similar typestyle we asked “Got Class?” The overall design gives off a feel of a fresh, new, classy establishment. The photos show that the gym offers cardio equipment, weights, a pool, classes and yoga. The trim woman with her arms up looks as if she is celebrating. Behind it all is a screened and blurred image of a woman’s waist with a measuring tape. The message: you can get in shape here. I came up with the tag line “Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.” It summarizes the gym’s philosophy, and is now used in on a sign as you enter the gym. The back of the card has mailing information and bullet points. I am the writer/designer for Shirlee’s print materials as well as its website,